And the Award goes to…FleetBoard!

To be conferred an award by industry professionals is particularly rewarding. It bears witness to our unique array of products, customer awareness, ground breaking innovations and outstanding quality. To all of these characteristics FleetBoard is synonymous with its range of products and for that reason has been voted winner of the following awards.

► 2013

For the third time in a row: FleetBoard is "Best Telematics Brand" in 2013

The VerkehrsRundschau Image Award "Best Telematics Brand" has been granted to FleetBoard in 2013 again – which means three times in a row. With 730 respectively 727 out of 1000 image points to be attained as a maximum, we are both leading the ranking of small-scale fleet operators (fleets up to 10 utility vehicles) and the ranking of operators of medium- and large-scale truck fleets (fleets with 11 utility vehicles and more). If a brand reaches the first place in both rankings, it will be considered to be the undisputed winner of the category. The award which is granted biannual by the German technical journal Verkehrsrundschau is one of a very high esteem within the industry. It emanates from a study of the Bielefeld-based market research institute TNS Emnid.

Please read the detailed report on the Image Award on the homepage of VerkehrsRundschau.


► 2012

FleetBoard is the proud winner of the Frost & Sullivan “2012 Growth Leadership Award”

Daimler FleetBoard GmbH was presented with the Frost & Sullivan “2012 growth Leadership Award” in the category of medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle telematics. The international consulting company Frost & Sullivan evaluated leading providers in the European telematics industry on the basis of four criteria and in the comparison FleetBoard emerged as the clear winner.

► 2011

FleetBoard is „Best Brand Telematics 2011“

FleetBoard has received the prestigious Image Award “Beste Marke Telematik” as the best telematics brand – once again! This year again, FleetBoard was able to fully convince the jury of its product portfolio. The award which is granted every year by the German technical journal Verkehrsrundschau is one of a very high esteem within the industry. It emanates from a study of the Bielefeld-based market research institute TNS Emnid. Being granted the “Beste Marke Telematik Award” stresses the excellent quality and high degree of innovation offered by the FleetBoard products. You can find further information on the home page of the Verkehrsrundschau

► 2010

FleetBoard regains the first place of the Image Ranking!

The first place in the category “Telematics” of the Image Award of the German haulage, transport and logistics portal“VerkehrsRundschau“ returns to Daimler FleetBoard celebrating its decennial existence in the telematics market. The company has won through the competitors and demonstrated that it is rightly the “Best Brand of the Telematics Industry”. The “Verkehrsrundschau” awards a prize to the most important brands of the commercial vehicle industry in overall seven categories annually. Awards, that are highly esteemed because the image ranking is not a case of a simple reader survey but a survey that is run by the market research institution TNS Emnid on behalf of the “Verkehrsrundschau”. In the process decision makers from the logistics and transport industry are surveyed.

► 2008

First place in the VerkehrsRundschau Image Ranking in the category of "Telematics"

Some good news reached FleetBoard Head Office in February 2008 when we were informed that we had been awarded first place in the category of ”Telematics” in the Image Ranking study conducted by the German haulage, transport and logistics portal“VerkehrsRundschau“. Proud of the recognition we had been accorded, former Daimler FleetBoard CEO Dr. Ralf Forcher received the coveted Image Trophy from VerkehrsRundschau Editor-in-Chief Anita Würmser at the Kempinski Airport Hotel at Munich Airport. FleetBoard secured first position ahead of its rivals Siemens VDO (now Continental) and MANTeleMatics in a survey of 400 vehicle fleet decision makers from transport companies, haulage firms and trade and industry. The survey was conducted in the autumn of 2007 and focused on the image of major providers of commercial vehicles, products and services for vehicle fleets. The crucial element in our victory was our high level of brand awareness of 90.4%.

First place in the TeleTraffic Readers’ Survey in the category of "Ex-Works Telematics"

FleetBoard also emerged victorious in the “Ex-Works Telematics” category of this year’s TeleTraffic Readers’ Survey of the best brands of 2008, a competition being held for the first time. TeleTraffic is the only specialist magazine for automotive communication and awarded the prize for achieving first place in the Readers’ Survey to former Daimler FleetBoard CEO Dr. Forcher at the FleetBoard Head Office in Stuttgart. FleetBoard also picked up second prize in the category of “Trailer Telematics”.


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