Integrate subcontractors. Simplify processes.

The larger the network, the more complex coordination and communication become: The potential for errors is huge. Simplify your control mode and integrate your subcontractors seamlessly into your transport processes. The Fleetboard for Android smart phones and tablets allows you to design your logistics processes and capacities flexibly and dynamically. Ensure perfect order processing – regardless of device and vehicle.

Your Benefits

Flexible order placement.

Easily and quickly integrate your subcontractors into your transport processes – flexibly and without any additional hardware.

Avoid misunderstandings.

Controlling tours with clear instructions pays off: Reduce errors in the transport process by using simplified communication methods and predefined workflows.

Document all processes.

Ensure full documentation: Digitize all your orders.

Process transports via app.

Orders: Workflow-based processing.

The for the Fleetboard Logistics service allows you to send orders directly to the device, to be processed by your drivers following predefined workflows.

Communication: Easy and direct.

The allows the driver to send and receive text messages and to import geocoded addresses directly into the navigation system.

App: Available free of charge in the Google Play Store.

The app is available free of charge in the Google Play Store to drivers in EU 29. To use it, the drivers only have to be activated for usage in Fleetboard Cockpit.


Logistics or Messaging

The use of the Fleetboard requires one of the following two Fleetboard services: Logistics Management or Messaging.

These solutions complement


Use a driver tablet that combines Fleetboard Logistics Management, communication and navigation: The is a versatile and removable work tool for your drivers.

Fleetboard Consulting

Stay in your familiar environment: Fleetboard Consulting works with you to develop customised workflows and helps you to integrate them in your IT. Highly individualised and tailored to your specific requirements – for optimised order processing.