Questions Regarding Hardware

Dispo Pilot

How do I perform a cold boot of the
Cold boot of (1st generation):
1. Press and hold the On / Off button on the upper side of the display.
2. Keeping the On / Off button pressed, briefly press the Reset button on the back of the display.
3. Keep the On / Off button pressed until a dialogue appears (blue screen, dialogue in English).
4. Let go of the On / Off button and confirm the dialogue.
5. The device will now restart autonomously. (Info: This process takes a bit longer than a warm boot.)

Cold boot of (2nd generation):
1. Remove the from its cradle.
2. Press and hold the On / Off button until a grey menu is displayed.
3. Press “Switch off” until the switches off.
4. Press the On / Off button until the Welcome screen appears.
5. Re-insert the into its cradle.
6. On the Welcome screen, press OK.

Telematics Unit

How do I proceed if I want to change hardware?
Please contact your Fleetboard Support or your Mercedes-Benz / Fleetboard service partner. They will initiate further steps.

Workshop Support

Where can I get installation help?
For technical issues related to hardware installation, please contact our Fleetboard Workshop Support in German or English.
+49 (0) 7271 98 18 18
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
8:00 am to 1:00 pm


How long can I still use the installed hardware?

You can find an overview of the life cycles of the different installed hardware components